This chapter focuses on the possibilities of participation in the sense of sustainable city development in Iran is partially from the results of an empirical investigation within the framework of a dissertation, with the topic 'The possibilities of sustainable city development in Iran, as shown with the example of the city Arak'. Participation in the shape of the right to vote and with political meaning became, with growing urbanisation, increasingly important. The chapter overviews the topic's sustainability, participation and the scientific research method 'action research' will be conveyed through use of cross-section. The action research was carried out within three research journeys in the years 2003, 2005 and 2007, in the following steps: data ascertainment, interviews – discourse, impulse presentations, symposiums and workshops. In practice, a future workshop consists of a preparation phase and three working phases, which are consecutively based upon each other: the so-called critique phase, vision/fantasy phase and an implementation phase.