This chapter suggests that a discussion around practice-as-research can usefully contribute to creative teaching for creative learning in higher music education. Art research begins by addressing questions that are pertinent in the research context and in the art world. Researchers employ experimental and hermeneutic methods that reveal and articulate the tacit knowledge that is situated and embodied in specific artworks and artistic processes. Artistic material/field/expression comprises the field or material that one wants to explore. The chapter highlights interpretation and application as a useful strategy for creative teaching and learning. It includes Robert Fink's approach to creatively interpreting history, which empowers students to creatively construct the future. The chapter also includes the input of Professors Rovan and Todd Winkler, who co-direct Multimedia and Electronic Music Experiments in the Music Department at Brown University. It explores wide-ranging conversations that highlight broad differences and similarities in pedagogy in the UK and the USA.