This introduction presents an overview of the key concepts discussed in the subsequent chapters of this book. The book addresses the questions through epistemological and theoretical lenses and is grouped into three sections: 'Medical Practices/Colonial Practices', 'Challenges to Identity Claims' and 'Refiguring the Human'. Those questions are: What is critical about intersex; what does it mean to think about intersex critically; if there are limits to the ability of some stakeholders, especially parents, to work comfortably with the description of their children's conditions as forms of intersex, does that mean there is no value left for the term. Medical record shows more specific information about discrete characteristics to transfer information only from one specialist to another in consultation with each other. It is done using labels such as 'male pseudo-hermaphrodite', 'female pseudo-hermaphrodite' and 'true hermaphrodite', or 'isolated micro penis' and 'isolated clitoromegaly' to denote intersex phenotypes.