International research on demographics and housing is well established. A plethora of studies have covered aspects such as housing of sub-populations (Preston and Murnaghan 2005, Darden 2004, Mensah 2005, Teixeira and Estaville 2004, Hulchanski and Shapcott 2004, Murdie 2002, 2003, Danso and Grant 2000, Hiebert 2000, Miraftab 2000, Rose and Ray 2000, Teixeira and Murdie 1997 and residential mobility (Withers et al. 2008, Withers and Clark 2006, 2007, Clark and Huang 2003). Other studies have considered the effect of changing structures of populations on housing markets (Levin et al. 2009, Myres et al. 2008), the link between social class and tenure types (Pratt 1986) or ethnic segregation in housing markets (Novac et al. 2004, Dion 2001, Teixeira and Murdie 1997). The majority of research focuses on metropolitan cities.