This chapter outlines the background to the project, the contribution of disciplinary practitioners and the technical aspects of the development. The principled approach behind the Generative Learning Object (GLO) paradigm, as followed and promoted by the learning technologists, is to elucidate the 'pattern' from an already 'tried-and-tested' Learning Object, or from practice. Technical development of the software template for the evaluating Multiple Interpretations (eMI) pedagogical pattern resulted from a joint theoretical understanding of the nature of the design problem, the teaching experience, enthusiasm and dedication of the practitioner-developers, and the development team's ability to accommodate them whilst steering the process to the 'generic' conclusion. In 2005 History, Classics and Archaeology (HCA) embarked on a joint information systems committee (JISC) funded scoping survey of the use of e-resources for teaching and learning in the historical disciplines in UK Higher Education, to determine how e-resources were used and to identify opportunities for development.