This chapter understands the real problem of waste disposal in Campania that is necessary to distinguish urban solid garbage from special waste. Unscrupulous entrepreneurs, politicians and leaders of organized crime saw a chance of making a profit from waste disposal. As a consequence, in 1989 they met in Villaricca in order to divide the territory and business and regulate the waste traffic in Campania. Such an agreement was fostered by the relationships among Camorra organizations, freemasonry, politicians and entrepreneurs. In Italy, the important recoveries were planned between 2007 and 2010 when Mascazzini was the general director of the Department of the Environment. The conspicuous sums of money allocated captured the attention of criminal companies that recognized an opportunity to make more profit from the environment through ghost recoveries. The case of the Jacorossi company is emblematic. This is Roman company specializing in environmental requalification contracted to reclaim 80 municipalities on the Domitio-Flegreo coast from 350,000 tons of toxic and dangerous wastes.