This chapter analyses the gendered dimension of women's violence in conflict zones, as emerges from accounts and testimonies of female ex-soldiers in the Israeli Defence Forces. The chapter consists of two parts. First, it presents the author source materials and discusses some of the methodological approaches to the study of violence in conflict zones and place female violence in the context of gender relations. Through a historical presentation of the main elements constituting the gender regime in the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF). The chapter focuses on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and explores the incidence of war and violence across the last decade. It analyses sources from the testimonies gathered by the Israeli combatant veteran's organisation Shovrim Shtikah. Shovrim Shtikah was created by a group of ex-soldiers who served in the town of Hebron during the Al-Aqsa Intifada. Their purpose is to acquaint the Israeli public with the tragic effects and consequences of the military occupation for both Israeli and Palestinian societies.