This chapter examines different modes of fictionalizing and visualizing gendered memories of war, and their reverberations. The gendered dimension of war and political violence is taken up through the experience of women, and the contributions share a decidedly feminist perspective by interrogating questions of justice, power and governance in a way that complicates and unsettles the category of the victim, and specifically that of the woman as a victim. Sophie Milquets focuses on literary accounts that to varying degrees fictionalize womens experiences of the Spanish Civil War makes one listen to whispers. Milquet discusses gendered violence in two registers: the repression and silencing of women during the war, and that of their experiences under the Franco dictatorship. Milquet points to a notable facet of the global memory boom, namely the way in which official memory regimes are codified by law. Marjaana Jauholas brings one to quite a different time and place, taking them to the post-tsunami reconstruction of Aceh, Indonesia.