This chapter discusses the Frogner Park in Oslo, parts of which are called the Vigeland Park, situated in the west-end borough of Frogner. It deals with the significance of the Frogner Park as an urban green, which is linked to the issue of garden design. Urban green spaces may lead people to seek and enjoy outdoor life in rugged environments, but they help create a familiarity, and appreciation of, the natural life of which we are all a part. The chapter investigates how the park affected an impressionable boy between the ages of six and ten, and to sketch, in broad strokes, the sensations that the park provided. It discusses the biological, psychological and environmental implications of being surrounded with all the green stuff at one's impressionable age. Biophilia and environmental understanding be intellectually acquired in one's lifespan, but if exposed to the exciting life of a green space at one's most impressionable.