The Reesor Siding incident of 1963 had erupted at a time of profound ideological tension globally. Thus, in 1981 and 1986, the Lumber and Sawmill Workers' Union (LSWU) applied for the erection of an Ontario Heritage Foundation historical plaque to commemorate the 1963 incident. For three nights, 20 settlers had kept a vigil over what was to become the most famous stack of wood in Canadian labor history. Perhaps, the best example in western society is how the grim verities of martial conflict have been mythologised, and appropriated in exercises of identity-formation and policy rationalisation. A way of life and survival strategy, logging was at the core of family and community survival throughout the Francophone communities of Northern Ontario. However, the greatest economic stimulus was the establishment of the Spruce Falls Power and Paper Company in Kapuskasing in 1920.