The Government Housing Acts of the 1960s established a new initiative to create non-profit making fairrent Housing Associations. These were mutual Housing Societies, either for rent or for co-ownership. These led to the Right-to-Buy legislation in the 1980s and eventually to the transfer of entire Local Authority housing stocks to Housing Associations. Hutchison, Locke and Monk (HLM) were active and played an important role in being one of the original founders of the AHA, which has subsequently expanded and been incorporated into the A2 Dominion Housing Group, one of London's largest social housing providers responsible for over 34,000 homes. Beaconsfield Road is among the best examples of medium-density housing that HLM produced at that time, for its efficiency of design and cost. It helped to transform the image of Local Authority housing, presenting a far socially and environmentally acceptable domestic arrangement than the tower blocks that were still being built by Ealing Council and around the country at the time.