The future of Hutchison, Locke and Monk (HLM) will continue to be a practice focussed on design, business and growth. The Hilm Academy has helped to enhance design quality, benefitting the wider industry as well as end users, by continually upskilling and changing perceptions, which will impact the future of the built environment. From 2013 onwards, HLM has started to build a wider, more comprehensive Design Group, building on the renewed international strength and respect for British design expertise and improving sector reach and international skill base. HLM has acquired the renowned practices of Llewelyn Davies and Sidell Gibson and integrated them with our newly established specialist interiors brand, 33. The Covalent Group was established in 2016 as a parent company and directional force to help guide and maximise the potential of each element of the Group, and maintain the brands and develop the individual potential and wider collaborative offering to a growing client base across the world.