This chapter shows the sensibilities of humans and their motives and character have also very much been at stake: the moral technology of law is not only about how to include animals, and to categorize and work upon animals, but also a question of the inclusion of humans. It addresses how different concepts and wordings in law, such as intrinsic value, treating well or unnecessary suffering, are not only words but also ways of modifying biopolitical collectives. In 2006 the European Union formed an animal welfare strategy that seeks to harmonize legislation on animal protection across nations. The chapter analyses how the law operates as a moral technology that works upon the biopolitical collective by rewording, differentiating and expelling. Law is indeed a key technology for the making up of our collective. Hence, the biopolitical collective, reframed as an expanded community of the living, draws together, as if seamlessly, radically different events and sites at very different times in history.