The following contribution* is divided into two main parts. The first consists of general observations on the political and ecclesiastical history of Epiros in the years 1204-1261, supplemented by remarks about the sources and prosopographical aspects. The second deals with a previously neglected but highly interesting prosopographical source that is important for two reasons. Firstly, it shows once more that one can never completely rule out the possibility that a new source will be (re-)discovered, even if our relatively limited source material might already appear to have been thoroughly researched. Secondly, a more important reason is its character: it is a short necrology that I chanced upon in Cod. Cromwell 11 (Bodleiana), an otherwise well-known manuscript, written and subscribed near Ioannina in 1225. The necrology consists of just a few passages, quoting the names of hitherto completely unknown deceased persons who should be commemorated. Despite the seemingly minor importance of the deceased persons concerned, this source is nevertheless of special interest and value for our prosopographical research on Epiros, as will be explained in more detail below.