The chapter examines the burning desire of Muchineripi, as son of the village chief and Kada, as a corporate executive, to help the villagers of Chinyika to rise to their full potential. It will lead us towards a more profound conceptual understanding of the journey as a whole, reflected in our CARE-ing for Zimbabwe as an integral society and economy. It is a collective process that serves to structures the flow of our Zimbabwe-based PhD programme on Integral Development in which most of the researchers involved in this book has been, or is still, enrolled. The approach to Integral Development is geared towards understanding pervasive imbalances in a particular Context, thereby catalysing research and development with a view to alleviating them. By engaging in the institutionalising CARE rhythm in parallel to the 4C rhythm of what we term a PHD, a particular PhD programme becomes part of a Process for Holistic Development (PHD).