This chapter argues that powerful forces of coloniality, despite the best intentions of the author fellow researchers, continue to limit Zimbabwe's drive to rise from the ashes like a phoenix. Coloniality continues to constrain the people's genius, and their innovative spirit, to chart their autonomous developmental trajectory since the time of colonial encounters. The chapter summarises coloniality conceptual and empirical issues that have a bearing in understanding the challenges and constraints that work against, as opposed to those prospects and opportunities that work for, Zimbabwe arising. The central thesis of it is that comprehensive decoloniality is an essential pre-requisite for Zimbabwe to rise like a phoenix from the ashes. The chapter explains a Zimbabwe as a whole African country to rise, systemically and collectively, to the integral African occasion. Zimbabwe is toying with the implementation of an economic blueprint called the Zimbabwe Agenda for Socio-Economic Transformation. The country is still antagonising under sanctions indicates the ubiquity of global coloniality.