This chapter introduces a holistic framework, a concept of entrepreneurship that is specific and authentic to the African context embracing both the indigenous and the exogenous. It terms this 'Afrintuneurship', born out of a need for Africa to catch up with the rest of the world thereby contributing to the rising Phoenix in Zimbabwe. This can only be achieved through affirming local identity, connecting to and building up towards global integrity. The chapter explains with the most recently emergent, social entrepreneurship, before proceeding onto intrapreneurship and indigenous entrepreneurship, thereafter turning to own approach, in this case also building on the conventional wisdom, on entrepreneurship. Muchineripi and Kada's approach to agricultural survival foundationally authenticates itself from their communal and African heritage. Actualization of Afrintuneurship practices in Zimbabwe can be achieved through the decline of the exclusive, exogenous entrepreneurship and the rise of the inclusive integral indigenous, exogenous and entrepreneurship-academia notion of Afrintuneurship.