Pidgin is a simplified form of speech that is usually a mixture of two or more languages, has a rudimentary grammar and vocabulary, is used for communication between groups speaking different languages, and is not spoken as a first or native language. However, the poetics of Palestinian space in west Jerusalem, in the three, once-Arab neighborhoods, namely Talbiyyeh, Qatamon, and Baq'ah could have served as an adequate point of departure for his cartographic take on the vanishing Arabic of the city of Haifa. Writing about Abdelkebir Khatibi, the Moroccan writer and the author of Love in Two Languages, an autobiography of bilingualism, Derrida says that Khatibi's mother tongue, which is not French, has lost him. Zionism considered the establishment of the Jewish state, the national home for the Jewish people, as the reterritorialization of the Hebrew language after two thousand years of uprootedness.