A 'new economy of visibility' defines cultural formations and social anatomies of the network society. Ubiquitous communication technologies provide the operational structure for the transition from a disciplinary society to a society of control. Foucault's understanding of power regimes as a void is congruent with the invisibility of those who direct such popularity-driven online contests. With Mapping the Studio, Bruce Nauman re-directs the sensibility of information space and displays the virtuosity character of creative work while confronting the spectator with the opacity of artist's reflective sphere. Mapping the Studio displays the potency to enact a 'No' as an exceedingly active instance also claimed by Friedrich Nietzsche as an exercise to regain sovereignty in oneself, while it is abolished by hyperactivity, deregulation and delimitation. Paolo Virno defines labour under so-called post-Fordist conditions as virtuosity, performed by 'those who produce something which is not distinguishable, nor even separable, from the act of production itself'.