Several creased, well-handled photographs: a fading, barely decipherable image of a young girl standing by some large plants looking straight at the camera, the colour bleached out to a series of pastel tones; a blurred black and white photograph of a woman standing by a bicycle; a colour Polaroid photograph, with a name and date written on the back, showing a man in a bright red shirt standing by a child. Scraps of paper with hand-written commentaries on particular Bible verses. Partial genealogies in elaborate geometrical forms drawn on oddly shaped pieces of cardboard. An assortment of pencils and biros (some not working). A cutting – yellowing, torn, and stuck together with tape – from a Solomon Islands newspaper article about Faletau’s woodcarvings. A postcard of the Sydney Opera House given to him by an Australian tourist he met in Munda. Drawings that combine Christian symbolism with stylised depictions of local animals – hearts, crosses and doves, with crocodiles and sharks. A pair of very scratched black plastic sunglasses.