Third Eye Blind is not a self-made indie success story. In fact, the band sold over VL[PLOOLRQFRSLHVRIWKHLUGHEXWDOEXP5,$$QGZKLFKIHDWXUHG¿YHSRSXODU radio singles. The success of their eponymous album is especially incredible in light of the changes that the recording industry faced as rock became rap-rock and music buyers became music downloaders. More important than sales, the album created a loyal following of fans who connected with the songs’ enormous hooks and emotional lyrics. But many critics missed the depth and nuance of the album’s lyrics, which were penned by the valedictorian of his UC-Berkeley graduating class (Guthrie 2003). Perhaps being misunderstood is the album’s legacy; after all, “Semi-Charmed Life” is known for its “do do do” chorus rather than its haunting DQGTXLUN\WDOHRIGUXJDEXVH7KXVLQWKLVFKDSWHU,KLJKOLJKWWKHVLJQL¿FDQFHRI Third Eye Blind’s debut recording by noting its dark and subversive subject matter as well as its unique “acts” structure and lasting (albeit surprising) relevance in the punk and indie community.