This chapter addresses the Commission du Dialogue Interculturel (Commission for Intercultural Dialogue/CID) that existed between 2004 and 2005. The context of questions of cultural and religious diversity and of their integration into the political agenda actually started back in 1989, through the establishment of the Royal Commissariat for Immigrants. The Commissariat also considered the definition of core values and common standards for citizens of Belgium, as well as the establishment of a policy against discrimination, as support for socioeconomic integration policies. The new approach would also influence the processes of the two commissions later established by the federal government, the CID and the Round Tables on Interculturalism (RTI). The CID was launched on 23 February 2004 as an initiative of the federal Minister of Social Integration, Equal Opportunity and Interculturalism – Maria Arena, whose successor, Christian Dupont, would ultimately receive the final report.