In the last chapter of Book X of his Historiae, Gregory of Tours included an account of the bishops of Tours. It started with the record of Gatian, the rst bishop of Tours, who was sent to Gaul by the pope in the time of the Decian persecutions. is episcopal catalogue culminated in Gregory’s own career, a list of his writings, and directions for his works’ subsequent preservation and dissemination. e entries for the earliest bishops in Gregory’s list also note the emperor with whom the bishop’s career coincided. us, Litorius was bishop in the time of Constantine, St. Martin in the time of Valens and Valentinian, and Brictius in the time of Arcadius and Honorius. is altered from the incumbency of Volusianus onwards, for Gregory recorded his holding of the see as bishop during the reign of Clovis, and it is the Merovingian kings who provide the chronological marker thereaer. Gregory included brief details about the careers of each of his predecessors, namely the building activities of each bishop, his promotion of cults of particular saints, or the introduction of liturgical observance, as in the case of Perpetuus. In almost every case, the brief biography ends with a note that the bishop was buried in the basilica of St. Martin.1