This chapter explores the contours of the new global orthodoxy and examines the congeniality or otherwise of the different historical moments for Africa. The preferred term, post-bipolarity, as author use it here is not descriptive of the balance of power but a precise spatiotemporal contextualization of the current epoch. The African political landscape witnessed substantial reconfiguration in the immediate post-bipolarity as a direct result of revised American policy to Africa. To a large extent, the terrorist attacks of September 11 2001 assuaged, although not reverse, some of the adverse effects of the post-bipolarity for Africa. Another interesting impact of 9/11 especially the brazen display of American awesomeness in the new order was the recantation of terrorism by Qaddhafi and subsequently diminishing conflict in the MANU basin region. Under the Bush administration, the United States helped build a bulwark in Africa against terrorism, working with select African states.