This chapter explores the strategic use of coloniality and rurality as well as their commodification, introducing the concept of retro-coloniality. The construction of urban entertainment centers in the Americas is usually closely related to processes of 'imagineering', originating from the 'dream factory' of the Walt Disney studios. The San Luis Shopping Center alters the structure and perception of the landscape significantly. At first glance, it is the facade of the mall and its exterior expression that produce its dominating impact on the valley's landscape. The interior of the shopping center also contains several stylistic signifiers that refer to the colonial motif. The myth of coloniality lies at the heart of the conflict-ridden, violent formation of Latin American societies; therefore it is convenient to explore the connotations of coloniality. The San Luis Shopping takes up the colonial theming, usually referred to the urban colonial centers in the Americas, and connects it with notions of rurality.