This chapter applies the methodological steps to the Territorial Integrated Evaluation (TIE) methodology experimented in Trentino. It illustrates the construction of an Analytic Network Process (ANP) network model for the choice of territorial retail scenarios in Trentino and the application of the model as a decisional support tool on two scales macro and micro. The chapter demonstrates that the ANP application represents an operational tool for policy makers' useful for supporting decision-making in spatial planning. In the TIE methodology, the ANP model is developed at both the macro and the micro scale, comparing the indicators' priorities to the relative control criterion for a better definition of territorial scenarios. In particular, the ANP method enables decision-makers to select the most relevant indicators for defining the spatial scenarios, which are obtained through an appropriate synthesis formula. TIE methodology for the management of retail development in Trentino proposes an alternative approach to the standard established strategic evaluation procedures in regional planning.