This chapter proposes a mathematical model that can evaluate mobility that is, the flows of people inside a multi-pole territorial system. It presents a test of a numerical simulation of the behaviour of the model, which seeks to estimate the potential flows of people among the Gross Leasable Areas (GLAs) in some of Trentino's Valley Communities (VCs). The chapter presents a case study and shows how the results of the model should be interpreted. It traces how to set up the evaluation of the flows of mobility of customers among the VCs, focusing only on the four VCs that yield the highest values of attractiveness. The chapter illustrates the role played by the coupling of retail activities and tourism the themes that characterize Alto Garda-Ledro. The mobility of people is influenced by the intrinsic attractiveness of a pole, by its distance from the other poles, and by its carrying capacity, a factor that takes into account the effects of overcrowding.