This chapter examines the representation of alternate sexualities in South Asia in both the precolonial and the postcolonial eras and its repercussions on the body politic of the nation state. One of the main questions examined is, the role of the media as feminist organizations in this controversy, through an analysis of the major Indian films that have dealt with "deviant" sexualities. The Indian media have been surprisingly supportive of queer rights and a plethora of websites have challenged the homophobic perspective. With eloquent declamations such as this Editorial in the website, India Opines: The LGBT community in India has been persecuted, harassed, discriminated against, often molested and beaten for their apparent 'sexual deviance'. Their Right to Life, one of the seven Fundamental Rights of the Indian Constitution, has been violated and snatched away from them. For many, this is not their first fight, possibly not even their hardest battle.