This chapter explores the idea of friendship between women across nations as a basis for social and political transformation. It employs a combination of filmic and transnational feminist analysis. A transnational feminist lens in the chapter provides a way to understand the paradoxical dynamic of conflict and cooperation that shape women's relations with one another. It explores the idea of friendship between women across cultures as a mode for enacting social responsibility and care for the other. The alliance, community, and solidarity are generously discussed in literature dealing with social change, friendship is often believed to be outside the realm of social and political transformation. Feminist theorist Maria Lugones has also talked about friendship as "bonding among women across differences". Such bonding does not presuppose unconditionality but does recognize the situationality of each person while being cognizant of their plural realities. According to Lugones, friendship can be based on "practical love" and knowledge of and commitment to the other person.