This chapter focuses on the biographical details of the translator, Constance Farrington, and on the interpersonal networks that led to the five earliest English-language editions. It offers an overview of Farrington's translation strategy, as inferred from a close textual analysis of her translation. In comparison with translations of Fanon into other languages and spaces, the translation of Frantz Fanon's Les Damnés de la terre into English and its reception in Anglophone contexts has been relatively well explored. The only English translation of Les Damnés de la terre that circulated in Anglophone contexts until 2004 was that carried out by Constance Farrington, first published by Présence Africaine in 1963. The only information available information which eventually turned out to be false was that she was English and was a member of the British Communist Party. According to Farrington, she became friendly with an influential, though elderly, French political personality called Charles-André Jullien.