Integrational linguistics strives to take full account of the fact that everyone's communicational experience is unique. Integrationism has usually represented itself as so greatly at odds with contemporary linguistics of most kinds that any sense of potential common cause with any of them, any possibility of complementarity or at least peaceful coexistence, has seemed slight. At the forefront of the analysts of contemporary political discourses who use corpus resources and whose methods and empiricist assumptions seemd to merit integrationist consideration is Wolfgang Teubert. Teubert argues that linguists, qua linguists, are compelled to work with transcripts, and transcripts are partial and theory-laden and inevitably fail fully to recover the original speech event. Humanism at its core is a prioritizing of human experience, of reasoned human accounts of our place in the universe, and of the value of every human being, as entitled to recognition as a free and equal member of the human family.