The contemporary anti-immigrant movement in the United States reflects the transition in racism. The environmental wing of the anti-immigrant movement continues to play a very strong role in the contemporary anti-immigrant movement: primarily, the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), which is the most successful nationwide anti-immigrant organization both pre-9/11 and post 9/11. The events of 9/11 drew attention to many things familiar to the anti-immigrant movement. For many in the anti-immigrant movement, the events of 9/11 helped to concretize the inherent contradiction between what they see as a 'one-world philosophy' and sovereignty. The racialized social structure of contemporary society is a complex intertwine of international divisions based on citizenship and perceived capital and allegiance derived by racialized factors which include: linguistics, socioeconomic status, culture, and phenotype. The anti-immigrant movement promotes a revisionist history that essentially denies the role of Latin Americans in building the United States.