The right the sans-papiers were demanding was the right to be seen and heard. These rights are the basic rights in any democracy. The RESF network, which presents itself as a fervent defender and promoter of democracy. In RESF, sponsorship primarily signifies what we can call the republican sponsorship of sans-papiers. As shown in the "Sans-Papiers Manifesto" and the "Call to Regularize Sans-Papiers Schooled in France" launched by RESF, this fight, this struggle is done in the name of democratic ideals, in the name of liberty and justice, in the name of human rights. Integration refers to a set of economic, legal, and political procedures for managing immigrant populations in which the national government plays the principal role. Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), which has increased the number of vectors and methods of communication and networking, could be seen as playing the role of accelerating or multiplying the various forms of bottom-up integration.