This chapter deals with the new transnational migration is generating its own dynamics of migratory systems and flows, both internal and external, revealing the new dependency in terms of labor that has been displacing the traditional commodity integration as the main form of core-periphery relations. The in-migratory system that has been spawned by the out-migration generates dual labor markets in the state, with different ethnic and cultural backgrounds and gender composition bringing fresh issues to the fore. The chapter explores the regional dimensions of transnational migration within the larger world system, by undertaking in-and-out migration of Kerala. The increased wealth in the oil producing Middle East necessitated the construction boom that was first of all responsible for the increased labor recruitment from Kerala. The Geneva-based International Organization for Migration (IOM), has elaborated and explored the various conditions that affect the vulnerability of a migratory population to HIV/AIDS and the challenges inherent in delivering appropriate services and programs to migratory groups.