This chapter discusses the importance of children's narratives as a means of gaining insight into understanding how the macrosystem elements in Bronfenbrenner's Ecological Systems Theory may influence preschoolers' resilience development from the perspective of Taiwanese contexts. The significance of the narrative approach is to capture real personal experiences pertaining to the interaction between individuals and their social context. Through analysing the narrated preschoolers lived experiences and the teachers and parents interviews, the dialogic/performance analysis presented the inquiry findings with multiple voices. The duration of the data collection, including video recordings, was approximately 200 hours over one semester. The interviews in preschoolers studied consisted of preschoolers, their parents and preschool teachers. Participant children's documents, including their drawings, paintings and working sheets were gathered. The media have dominated Timothy's lived experience and influenced the content of his drawings. The purpose of the assumption was to show how Timothy's lived experience is dominated by the media.