This chapter explores how a unique collaboration between Krista, a literacy specialist, and Toni, a sixth grade teacher, created a context in which sixth grade students considered global perspectives on war through multiple texts, genres, and pedagogical approaches. It explains how Krista and Toni's professional investment in the text selection, pedagogical choices, and language in the classroom reflected and reinforced the centrality of the role of emotion in constructing knowledge about war and made possible a range of realizations shaped by the varied ways in which they approached the inquiry. This chapter provides the notes taken in two interviews with Krista and Toni, numerous informal conversations before and after class, transcripts of whole class and small group discussions, and analysis of curricular materials. By focusing on the human dimension, and on emotions, as a way to build knowledge, Krista and Toni are also laying important groundwork here for an understanding of other cultures the children will meet in future readings.