GI plays an important role in promoting a healthy social ecology. In an ecological model of health, there is reciprocity between the social environment and the physical environment, and social capital is one indicator of the quality of this relationship. The relationship between the social and physical environments is evident in the role GI plays in promoting social capital. Green infrastructure also promotes social cohesion, which is believed to be a better indicator of GI on social health. The preference for green communal areas results in their increased use which leads to improvements in a number of indicators of social capital and mental and physical health. This is particularly true in disadvantaged communities that are further disadvantaged due to a typical absence of green communal spaces. Aside from the interactions derived from use, the presence of greenspaces is also a significant factor in instilling a sense of community identity and attachment that can contribute to well-being. While other, non-green public open spaces can also facilitate social capital, they can in no way rival the multitude of other health co-benefits of GI.