This chapter presents the characterization of the dividing line between philosophyless KR&R versus philosophy-infused KR&R. People has now reached the point at which they can discuss the dividing line between philosophy-less and philosophy-infused KR&R. So here they have a simple case of a KBS, powered by KR&R in action. Philosophy will need to be part and parcel of KR&R when that which is to be represented and reasoned over involves these realms. People first look at an example from the formal sciences, and then one from socio-cognition. They shall show that careful KR&R in this area necessitates both philosophy, and very expressive formal languages for knowledge representation. It introduces the topic of mendacity in connection with KR&R by asking you to consider a confessedly idealized scenario. People have set out and defended the view that if KR&R is to reach into the realms of mathematics and socio-cognition, then philosophy must become a genuine partner in the enterprise.