Info-computationalism (ICON) as a synthesis of pancomputationalism and paninformationalism presents a unifying framework for the understanding of natural phenomena including living beings and their cognition, their ways of processing information and producing knowledge. The process going on in the opposite direction, from philosophy to specialist sciences, has been mentioned several times in this essay in examples of info-computationalism. When analysing the relationship between philosophy and science it is important to recognize the paradigm shift going on in both sciences and philosophy as a consequence of the recent growth of trans-disciplinary, interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary research unfamiliar with classical philosophical analysis. The effective information processing, storage and exchange capabilities of today's networked global research communities enable complex problems to be addressed, something that was impracticable previously because of the problems' informational and computational complexity. In Epistemology Naturalized the author presents a model which helps us to understand mechanisms of information processing and knowledge generation in an organism.