The chapter presents Mariano Artigas's contribution to the understanding of the problems inherent in the science/faith dialogue. It refers his insistence on stressing the mediating function of philosophical wisdom as the suitable environment for orchestrating a fruitful exchange between disciplines. The chapter shows that Artigas's work should become a reference for consultation in libraries and philosophy curricula, especially in the scope of Catholic universities where his thought would signify a great contribution to understanding the relations between the natural sciences and faith. The specific method of natural theology lies in reaching a certain rational representation of God by relying on the study of nature as God's work and this becomes closely connected with particular sciences and supernatural theology. Artigas identifies difficulty of presenting scientific theories in an unsuitable philosophical context which implies, almost always, the frustration of any possible dialogue. The chapter examines the presuppositions that maintain the scientific discourse and its aspirations of agreement with the content of faith.