This chapter explores how sandplay therapy heals trauma from a neuropsychological perspective. It reviews four aspects of sandplay therapy that promote neural integration including relational safety, somatosensory engagement, symbolic expression of the trauma narrative, and mindful participation. The chapter provides a brief overview of the basic principles of neurodevelopment; Jung's conceptualization of the psyche and the process of individuation; and neural integration, as defined in the field of interpersonal neurobiology. In sandplay, encounters with the Self play an essential role in facilitating psychological healing and transformative growth. In sandplay therapy, the trauma narrative is expressed and re-processed over time through symbols in the presence of the attuned therapist. Symbols play an essential role in stimulating interactions between brain and psyche in sandplay. As awareness expands through the senses, sandplay calls for mindful participation. A neuropsychological perspective on Sandplay recognizes the dynamic interplay between brain and psyche that brings forth neural integration and psychological healing.