In this chapter, the authors present a brief literature review on how the International Business (IB) literature has evolved and taken shape over the ten-year period since the mid-2000s, along with how global value chain (GVC)/global production networks(GPN) studies can contribute to contemporary IB. The GPN framework has close linkages with global commodity chain analysis, proposed by G. Gereffi which subsequently evolved into the GVC framework. The GVC/GPN frameworks can contribute to the study of multinational enterprises (MNEs) internationalisation paths in a networked economy, MNEs' strategies for governing their production networks, and an increased understanding of power and knowledge dynamics between MNEs and other GVC/GPN actors. The authors outline the methodology of the systematic bibliographic analysis. It discusses the findings regarding the nature of GVC/GPN integration into IB studies. They investigate the relationship between their disciplinary backgrounds and the level of integration.