This book explores the pertinent issues surrounding the current regulation and social control of incivilities their trends, criminological explanations, representations, political, spatial and cultural dimensions, as well as the underlying behaviour such regulation targets. Some claim we should distinguish between the social and the physical aspect of incivilities or between the social and the physical or environmental incivilities. The main concerns flagged by our authors were related to issues of legitimacy or justifiability of measures used to tackle incivilities, effectiveness of such laws and measures and the negative impact they have on society. Uncivil behaviour, especially that which gets more media coverage or upsets a larger community, should also be reprimanded verbally in the political, non-governmental, public arena through the means that a democracy should primarily resort to prior to any criminal-law intervention. Concerning the legitimacy of anti-incivilities laws and measures: it has to be recognised that non-involvement of the state in tackling anti-social behaviour may be problematic as well.