Civil Bikes, a bicycle tour company based in Atlanta, works to challenge peoples' perceptions of bicycling in the City of Atlanta, all the while preserving the city's unique history and also contributing to the city's transformation by building community through dialogue. This chapter explores Civil Bikes' programs using first-hand accounts of the owner, literature on neighborhood history, bicycling trends in Atlanta, and reflections on the process of contemporary urban social change, especially how the urbanizing creative class is shaping these changes in Atlanta. It also explores the ways in which Civil Bikes uses a racial, income, gender, and age inclusive outlook to shape the future of bicycling, transportation and development in Atlanta. The chapter expresses that development and bike infrastructure in Atlanta has typically favored white Northern areas of the city, often at the expense of the black residents even while bicycling has been a tool that black residents have historically used as a way to fight for civil rights.