This is a report on aspects of creativity in a history course that supported a research project on children writing fiction on Merlin: A Land of Myth, a Time of Magic. The opportunity to develop the history course with creativity at its heart arose from visiting, observing and participating in the teaching of history in a school in the academic year 2013/14. This involvement led the staff to ask for a course on Arthurian Britain to support the writing fiction project. We hoped that our history course would stimulate pupils’ creativity about Arthurian Britain through exploring the Anglo-Saxon invasion of Britain and a British fight back under a military leader Ambrosius Aurelanius in about 550 AD (Figure 5.1). Rumours, stories, legends and myths about Ambrosius are probably what shaped the tales of Arthur and Merlin that emerged from the mists of the Dark Ages some 200 years later (Mersey 2004: 19-55).