In the period before the 1960s, the country experienced an unprecedented economic boom and the building sector prospered. However, Swiss architecture found itself in a peculiar situation. Having achieved their cultural aspirations by returning to the legacy of the Swiss modern masters, they were however, accused of merely being epigones. Initially Bauen + Wohnen called itself Schweizerische Vierteljahreszeitschrift. The content and design of the renewed Bauen + Wohnen stood in clear contradiction to the international reputation of Swiss architecture. In a typically Swiss manner there was one each for German-speaking Switzerland, the Romandy and for Ticino. The editorial offices operated independently and rarely reprinted contributions from the other 'editions'. The SIA journals were a Swiss peculiarity. Despite being addressed to architects and engineers, architecture was, from the outset, always of secondary importance. After the end of the Second World War, the Swiss government swiftly and somewhat calculatingly responded to the interest in Swiss regionalism that surfaced in Europe.