This chapter outlines the view that approaches to researching leadership-as-practice (L-A-P) require three foci to address such complexity. These include: first, attention to the ontology of what is being researched, for example being clear on the unit of analysis; second, related to the difficulties of researching L-A-P, the pursuit of a holistic methodological practice such as using multiple techniques to help illumination and triangulation; and, third, a focus on generating theory, especially process theorizing. The chapter examines methodological debates from the related area of strategy-as-practice. It suggests that the journey should commence with having a commitment to theorizing upfront and throughout. The chapter emphasises to process theorizing of leadership-as-practice as suitable to the ontology of L-A-P with its historic, emergent, and recursive nature. It outlines a holistic and integrated methodology linked to such theorizing. The chapter outlines the Cultural Historic Activity Theory (CHAT) and the opportunity it holds for L-A-P research as an integrating method to align the preceding approaches.