Building awareness and competence are fundamental tasks in disaster risk reduction (DRR) including climate change adaptation (CCA). The imperative for education and training in DRR including CCA is recognised and moulded by key stakeholders from the local communities and schools, NGOs, agencies and the international community. Mainstreaming DRR including CCA education into the formal setting starts with capacity development of all key players in the formal education sector. One barrier to integrated DRR including CCA education is having separate frameworks, approaches, and programmes for DRR and CCA. Instituting DRR including CCA as a new subject is another way of placing them into formal education. Stakeholders and key players in DRR including CCA have various needs and many are no longer in the position to do formal education. An approach in DRR including CCA education and training outside of schools and universities is by making DRR including CCA part of a joint agenda in development programmes and projects, including action research.