This chapter addresses the significance of being present within movements. It describes how a supervisor might compose them self in the supervision group, taking in each 'situation' as novel, with potential for something new to be created. This requires that the supervisor is attentive to the vaguely sensed movements but not-yet-worded feelings expressed in the room. The supervisor's stance should elicit a pace where there is ample time to talk and to listen, to each other as well as to oneself. The supervisor's task was to support the building of an organic bridge between people who felt disconnected. One must pay attention to the musicality of the present movements, sometimes to the expense of what is considered proper for 'clever' people such as therapists, supervisors or supervisees. In his book The Shadow of the Sun, Ryszard Kapuscinski, a Polish journalist who lived for several decades on the African continent, notes how different cultures relate to disagreement and quarrels.