The seduction of East Asian schools could blind even the most well-intentioned educators in the world. Falling prey to the seduction of East Asians' approach of education will not only poison the very fabric of what learning ought to be about, but will betray the very core of the American our values, which are creativity, freedom, and opportunity, and equality. Even more egregious is the fact that she has undoubtedly used Singapore's educational system inaccurate information as a means to convince others that all is well in East Asian schools—as if to make the public believe that education in East Asian countries is a monolithic enterprise. Even as happiness plummets among these students, Western educators still gaze upon these East Asian schools with adulation. While East Asian students may have achieved success effectively, it has not always been done humanely. The truth of the matter is that East Asian children are pushed to the edge and have nowhere to escape.